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A Mother's Prayer

The year was 1820 and Peter Richley was a grateful man. He had survived one of the strangest and most harrowing events known to mankind. The ship which he had been travelling on sank. He was rescued. By some twist of circumstance, however, this 2nd ship also sank. He was rescued again. But this 3rd ship sank likewise. He was rescued a 3rd time. Yet, his 4th ship of passage soon sank. And unbelievably, he was rescued for a 4th time, but this 5th ship sank as well.

It would have been laughable had it not been so serious. On the high seas, however, he floated serene that somehow God did not want him to die. And sure enough, as if on cue, another ship came by and answered his call for help. The ocean-liner, "THE CITY OF LEEDS", was named after it's British city of origin. It was bound from England to Australia and travelled the same sea lane as Peter Richley's downed ships. The crew of The City of Leeds hoisted Peter aboard and dry clothing was provided to Peter.

The ship's doctor gave him a cursory exam, pronounced him fit, and then asked an unusual favor. "There's a lady onboard who booked passage to Australia," the doctor explained. "She's looking for her son who disappeared years ago. She's dying and she's asking to see her son. She knows everybody on board and since you're the newcomer, would you proceed to be her son?"

Peter agreed. After all, his life had now been saved for the 5th time. He followed the doctor below deck and entered into a cabin. There on a small bed lay a frail woman with silvered hair. She was obviously suffering from a high fever. Deliriously, she was crying out, "Please GOD, let me see my son before I die. I must see my son!" The ship's doctor gently pushed the young man toward the bed. Soon however, Peter Richley began sobbing. For lying there on that bed was the reason he couldn't seem to die. Here was the lifeline that had kept him from drowning 5 times. For lying on that bed was none other than Sarah Richley, who had prayed for 10 years to be reconciled to her son, Peter. The ship's doctor stood in amazement as the young man fell down by the bed and embraced the sick woman.

"I'm here Mom! I'm here. It's me!" Within days, the fever had subsided and his mother awakened to find an answered prayer seated on the edge of her bed.

The Moral of the story:

A mother's prayer is sacred in the eyes of the Lord, never give up praying for your children.


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