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Brent "Poncho" Norcutt | Water Wise Designs & Decor

Dear Readers,

Brent "Poncho" Norcutt | Water Wise Designs & Decor

This month we are featuring Water Wise Yard Design & Decor, located in Murrieta CA. If you have never visited Water Wise, I highly suggest you pay them a visit. Water Wise features the most stunning outdoor and indoor decorations. Whatever your mind can imagine, Water Wise has it. From breathtaking fountains, large metal sculptures, pottery, artificial trees, pool/yard decorations, unique garden art.... they have it all. If you are looking to increase your home value by adding art pieces, you found the spot to shop! With over 2 acres of magnificent art, this place is a definite must visit in our valley. What I personally love about Water Wise is the unique pieces of art they carry. While touring outside or inside, you are in constant amazement of the beauty that surrounds you. It's a fun place to visit and enjoy.

As a matter of fact, the owner Brent "Poncho" invites you to come take a tour ANYTIME!! The owner truly enjoys people who just want to stop by and walk around, he welcomes you anytime! My personal experience with this business is like no other. I believe this company is and will be blessed for years to come. When I first started my Christian Publication, I had EVERY door closed due to being a Faith based magazine. Some of Water Wise's largest competitors told me, "sorry, we can't do business with a Christian magazine, or ANYTHING Christian for that matter." I could not get this publication off the ground. I remember the day as if it were yesterday. As I was walking in, I was so nervous... quick side note, I NEVER get nervous. I think I was so discouraged at that point, I knew this was probably going to be another NO.

The second I walked in, I was greeted with a HUGE smile!! As I finished my whole speech, Brent turned to me and said, "yes, I would love to join your magazine, I will take a full page." I wanted to jump over the desk and give him a HUGE hug, but I had to stay composed. The minute I got in my car, I started to cry tears of joy. I raised my hands to heaven and said THANK YOU LORD!! Because of Water Wise Outdoor Decor, we have gained 3 souls for Christ, and helped one lady from commiting suicide. Please support this AMAZING company that gives SOOO much back to our community. What I love about Brent "Poncho" is his humble nature. He hates any attention. He is a family man with STRONG Faith & Values. His family is his world! When he speaks about his children and grandchildren his face lights up, you can see pride in his eyes. Brent has raised 4 very successful daughters, who like their father, have strong work values. He is also a grandfather who ADORES his 3 grandchildren! Thank you Brent "Poncho" for being a GREAT business owner and for taking a stand for Christ! I pray that God continues to BLESS WATER WISE Design & Decor.

Please follow them on instagram @WaterWiseDesigns

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