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Cahue Enterprises HR Consulting, Inc.

Dear Readers,

Cahue Enterprises HR Consulting, Inc. was founded in December of 2016 by Elizabeth Cahue Chi, CEO and business owner. Elizabeth has a substantial background in Business Administration and Human Resources with over a decade of experience in the HR industry. Elizabeth comes from a background of administering PEO companies, which broadened her knowledge and skill set in a variety of business industries.

Elizabeth developed a vision to help businesses to grow successfully and help them establish and develop a strong HR platform to reduce liability and leverage the companies to maintain a balance between employer and employees.

Elizabeth currently consults for clients ranging from 1 to as many as 500 employees that operate in multiple states and across multiple industries by providing them with customized HR support and guidance. Elizabeth currently operates in the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Nevada, Texas and Utah.

She specializes in small to mid-size businesses by establishing a strong foundation of their human resources department as well as helping them achieve and maintain compliance with all state and federal mandated requirements and the labor board.

Do What You Do Best.

Let Cahue Enterprises Take Care of the Rest.

At Cahue Enterprises, our purpose is to provide small and mid-sized businesses with streamlined human resources. Cahue Enterprises holds the highest standards in the industry to help you with all of your human resources needs while mitigating risk by establishing and maintaining compliance with State and Federal mandated requirements as well as with the labor board. Contact us today for a consultation.

Why Choose Us?

With Cahue Enterprises at your side, your business will possess the tools and strategies needed to improve your business.

  • Reduce Risk & Liability

  • Reduce exposure

  • Ensure Compliance with State and Federal Mandated Requirements

  • Provide Guidance or Organizational Success

  • Optimize Employee Efficiency

  • Increase Revenue

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