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Carina Reed | Trumpets Of Tirzah

Dear Readers,

I wanted to introduce you to the most amazing woman I think I have ever met in my entire life. When I first met Carina Reed, I knew there was something very special about her, little did I know this woman would change my life and my entire outlook on God's love and power. Growing up in a legalistic church, I feared God more than I loved him. I also have never personally witnessed a miracle before. I have heard of people getting healed by God, but I never witnessed it firsthand. Carina and I have a mutual friend, her name is Lisa, and she is suffering with TERRIBLE hand pain. Lisa is an esthetician (her ad is in the magazine) and relies greatly on her hands. Lisa's condition became so severe that she decided to schedule surgery. Carina asked Lisa, "May I pray over your hands?"

Lisa, being a Christian herself replied, "Oh my goodness, of course!" After Carina prayed for Lisa, I was very skeptical to be honest. I called Lisa about 2 weeks later and asked her point blank, "Lisa, be honest and direct with me girlfriend, how's your hands?" Lisa informed me that her hands are perfectly restored, as a matter of fact she cancelled her doctor appointment. To this day, Lisa's hands are still healed. I could write many more testimonies, but I only have a certain amount of space. After knowing Carina Reed, my Faith in God has increased greatly, my trust in Him has also increased. I know God is STILL working miracles today, that I personally witnessed. If you are struggling with your Faith, or need a Spiritual leader to help guide you, I highly recommend my Sister in Christ Carina! I believe that God has blessed Carina with the gift of Knowledge & Healing. This is my personal belief and not a single soul will ever change my mind.

Carina is an Ordained Minister and lives a life fully surrendered to the Lord. She has a passion for serving others and is focused on equipping women to live out their life's purpose. She's a prayer warrior and loves to see God move - which is pretty common when she prays. Miracles break out! She's ministered around the world seeing some pretty incredible things. Carina is the founder of Trumpets Of Tirzah, a lifestyle and leadership academy for International Christian women. What does that mean? She trains women from all over the world to live life God's way so that each woman can fulfill their destiny and flourish regardless of what happens in the world around them. God's ways are the only proven ways and they are also recession and famine-proof! Her mission statement is simple: Empowering women to live out their calling while bringing Kingdom influence to the world around them. In addition to her weekly podcast, she takes personal and corporate appointments for business coaching, leadership coaching, and Christian life coaching. Carina incorporates biblical principles into all her appointments so that each person can lead by God's principles, not the world's.

Her most popular offering is her 7-month transformative course which immerses women in Godly lifestyle and leadership habits. The course is led online so that women from all across the globe can join, support one another and become empowered together.

Carina and her husband moved to Temecula Valley almost two years ago and have already immersed themselves in the community. With their love for the Lord and passion for this area, they hold a prayer meeting on the 2nd Saturday of every month across from Temecula City Hall. ALL are welcome to come!

To learn more about Carina or her organization, Trumpets of Tirzah, visit her website and/or send her an email. She's always eager to connect with more women!


Carina Reed, Founder

Our Mission: Empowering women to live out their calling while bringing Kingdom influence to the world around them.


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