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Celeste Ducharme | Ranch RV & Self-Storage

This month’s issue I am so proud to introduce you to Celeste Ducharme. I am not the

kind of person who is impressed by money, status, power, fame…. What I am impressed

by is a person with dignity, honor, love for others (how they treat others), kindness, and

compassion… I have the utmost respect and admiration for this woman. I remember as if it were yesterday, I met Celeste at a huge chamber event. I remember as I passed her

booth, she gave me the SWEETEST smile and her eyes looked so genuine. Celeste has a

special light about her. I believe it’s the Holy Spirit that resides in her heart and mind.

As you all know, I strive to screen each advertiser in this publication. I want my readers

(YOU), to have the very best in our community. I must express with all confidence that

Celeste is the most INCREDIBLE woman in our community.

Celeste is the Vice President of Self-Storage Development with Rancon Group. Celeste and her amazing husband Roger have been married for 32 years. They have 2 successful adult children and soon they will be grandparents! Yay!!! I had the pleasure of

interviewing Celeste’s staff. I wanted to know what it’s like working for such a remarkable woman. Every single facility said almost the same exact thing, “I have never worked in such a loving environment or treated like family.” One of her manager’s

stated, “Celeste has changed my life, I look forward to coming to work, I find joy and peace working for Ranch RV & Self Storage. I don’t see me working anywhere else.” Ranch RV & Self-Storage is not just a storage facility. The staff are loving & caring people, who Celeste handpicked for the job. Celeste explained to me recently that Ranch RV & Self-Storage is a place of love and compassion. Some of their customers have recently lost their homes, divorced, death, moving…They are hurting and the staff is there to give them a hug, or a prayer if they are open to receiving. Celeste truly LOVES people! Her heart is on FIRE for God and her team! I cannot wait to see where God leads this woman. I am honored to know her and call her my friend!

Celeste recently wrote a POWERFUL book (The Journey is yours to take- Frazzled to Fabulous), which I absolutely adored. It’s the kind of book that will give you courage and empower you to be the BEST version of YOU! We all have purpose in this life. God wants us to know our worth, and this book lit a fire in my soul. I attached the image, please order your book today. I promise you that you won’t put it down. What I appreciate so much about Celeste is her raw and real nature. Her story/testimony will save lives and give people a greater purpose. It’s a GREAT book!

May our Awesome God continue to bless Celeste and Ranch RV & Self-Storage! Thank you Celeste, for being a part of Our Valley Magazine! Thank you for loving others the way you do!

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