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Don Batiste

Dear Readers,

I am thrilled to introduce you to retired Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant, Don Batiste. I was introduced to Don by the owner of WE CARE Plumbing, Heating & Air (Rusty Cochran) a few months ago. I needed to conduct an interview on a previous client for our Instagram commercial. I was given Don Batiste’s cell number and the rest is history!! I instantly fell in love with Don the minute I met him. The moment he opened his front door, I received the most welcoming smile and handsome face to greet me. Don graciously is beautiful home, and we became instant pals.

Don Batiste

Don and I began to speak of his awesome experience with WE CARE Plumbing, Heating & Air. He had so many beautiful things to say about his experience. As we were chatting, I noticed he was wearing a retired Marine cap. I thought to myself, he would make an AMAZING HERO of the Month. After we wrapped up the meeting for WE CARE, I asked him about his service was blown away by what this man has experienced in his life.

I have mentioned this before, but I will share this again. I am rarely impressed by people; however, I was blown away by Don Batiste and his amazing testimony. Don is the most FASCINATING man to have a conversation with. We spoke for quite some time, yet I still wanted to hear more. We ended up meeting for coffee a few weeks later, this God fearing/loving man was the most impressive person I have met.

I asked Don why he decided to join the Marines, and his answer was hilarious. Don has an older brother who told Don how terrible Vietnam was and that Don “did not have what it takes to be in the Marines”. Well, that comment was enough to motivate Don to join the Marines at the young 18. He was determined to prove his big brother wrong.

Don was deployed to many places during his active-duty career. Places like Iwakuni Japan, Okinawa Japan, and Osan Korea.

After retirement from the Marines he accepted a position as Field Service Representative with Oshkosh Truck Corporation Defense Department where he gave another 10 years of his life. Oshkosh Truck Corp. supports all of our United States Military by manufacturing the industry’s toughest trucks and equipment. With Oshkosh Don was deployed all over the world; he managed projects in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Dubai and Jordan. At times in the war zones he had to sleep fully clothed in case of sudden enemy attack. I asked Don if he ever felt scared. Don sid that “No, I knew God was with me.”

Don Batiste is a TRUE AMERICAN HERO!!! He has risked his life so many times to save ours. His love for our nation is what made him choose to risk his life. Don is one of those people who you INSTANTLY will fall in love with. I can clearly see the Holy Spirit in Don. His smile is so infectious and caring.

Don retired in Oceanside, CA. Soon after he felt a calling from the Lord to buy a home in Temecula, CA. Thank goodness Don moved to Temecula, or we would have never met. Don and his beautiful wife’s home has the presence of the Holy Spirit the minute you walk inside. It’s filled with peace and tranquility. Don has two very successful adult children with whom he is very proud of.

Currently Don is still doing God’s work. He has purchased land in the Philippines and is building his wife’s family a home. His wife’s family is so grateful to Don for his love and care for their daughter and for their new home. Everywhere Don goes he is a blessing to people.

Thank you, Don Batiste, for your service to our Country, and for your love for others! You are a true American Hero and God is so proud of the life He has blessed you with. Thank you for risking your life for others, that is the greatest gift to mankind. We honor you and we thank you!

Congratulations! You are our MARCH Hero of the Month!

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