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Don't Forget To Stop

Dear Brother's & Sisters,

Thank you so much for reading this magazine. I appreciate you all so much. Because of people like you I can continue my ministry. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would like to share another powerful testimony. I recently met a homeless couple sitting in front of Stater Bros. As I walked over to them, I asked "Can I get you guys something to eat?" The young woman would not make any eye contact with me. She constantly kept looking down. However, the young man was a bit more engaging. As he looked up at me, I was SHOCKED!!! I have NEVER seen more beautiful eyes in my entire life. His eyes were the most beautiful colors of blue, yellow, grey, and green. They were gorgeous. He was also a very attractive young man, I am guessing in his mid 20's. As he looked up to me I said to him, "Oh my goodness, you have the most beautiful eyes." He was taken back a little, he seemed a little shocked that I had just complimented him. I believe in his corrupted, drug induced mind, he sees an ugly, worthless human being. I know the enemy's tactic, he is a master liar!

I noticed that I began to gain his trust a little more, he mentioned his name was Scott. I finally asked him point blank, "What drugs are you addicted to?" He said, "Whatever I can get my hands on." I told him about the LOVE of our Father. I told him that Satan has infused his mind to think that he is not worthy, a piece of garbage, the ugliest person ever who deserves to be homeless. I told this young man that he needed to wake up! I told him how incredibly handsome he was, how God loves him, how Jesus died on a cross for him, how he is my brother, how much JESUS loves him. I asked him another question. "If you died today, where do you think you would go?" Water began to fill his eyes. He responded, "I don't know". I told him he should know where he is going, and he should know the love of our creator. He was SO close to accepting my invitation to SET FREE MINISTRY (a drug-free detox center). If you flip through the magazine, you will see their ad.


I wrapped my arms around him and told him how much I loved him. I begged him to go to the detox center. Suddenly, his girlfriend jumped off the ground and grabbed his hand and said, "We need to go NOW!" He asked me for my cell number and said the minute he is ready, he will call me.

I truly believe that his girlfriend was part of the enemy's plan to keep him away from the Lord. Unfortunately, her plan worked. As they walked away, I said to them, "Please do not ever forget that God loves you so much." Everyone, please pray that one day, my new friend Scott will accept my offer. Pray for our brothers and sisters who are drug addicted. As you pass by a homeless person, I beg you to stop and speak to them. These people are brothers and sisters. You never know, your moment with them could be what finally makes them want to change. My number is in the magazine. I urge anyone and everyone to please call me. Anytime or any day, I don't care the circumstance. We can take them immediately to SET FREE MINISTRY. One day in heaven, our Lord will show us all the people we have helped save. Let's increase the size of our kingdom together. I love you all so much! God Bless!! Keep looking up, He is SOON returning!!! I can almost hear the trumpets! YAY!!!!

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