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It's Closer Than We Think

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This month's editors note is going to be much more direct and serious. I have been feeling a HUGE sense of urgency lately. I TRULY believe that our LORD is coming sooner than we think. Please take a moment look all around you. Our world is LITERALLY falling apart!! USA will NEVER be a great nation again. We are watching Russia & China rising to power (just like the Bible predicted), soon we will be required to place the chip in our hands or forehead (the mark of the beast is around the corner). If you are not aware of BRICS, please search this information for yourself and see what is right around the corner.

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have all come into agreement to remove the dollar and us only digital currency. Many other nations like Dubai, Argentina, Saudi Arabia are soon going to follow this digital currency rule. What does that mean for us Christians? That means the mark is around the corner. Not only will the USA collapse, but our money value will also collapse. Our world will be dominated by microchips which we will insert into our hands or foreheads. Brothers and sisters PLEASE wake up!!! The BIBLE is proven and 100% accurate. Over 2200 prophecies have been fulfilled and have already come to pass. We only have a few more left before God's GREAT return. I am 100% confident that we WILL see God's GREAT return in our lifetime. I want to go home SOOOOOOO bad. Don't get me wrong, I love my life! However, I am so tired of sin. Right this moment a child is being raped, a mother has just lost her only child, a child is starving, someone is in the hospital dying of cancer and in so much pain, while their family are watching and grieving, a wife just found out her husband is having an affair, or vice versa, and list goes on and on.....

I want SIN to end!! I want GOD to judge the evil doers, I want to see Satan get destroyed along with his demonic minions. I want us to live in peace and happiness and no more sorrow or pain. I want to live in the presence of our LORD JESUS!! I want to to hug him and just love HIM forever!!

Brothers and Sisters PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be ready!! God IS coming so soon!! Love you all!!

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