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Jesus Is Calling You!

Dear Readers,

Thank you all so much for your gracious emails and calls regarding last month's editor's note, I had NO idea that my story would impact so many lives. I am beyond honored that our Lord was able to use me like HE did.

This month's Editor's Note is going to be much more direct. I feel that God is leading me to share the importance of His soon return. Every single morning, I pray that God will allow me the opportunity to share His love with someone who needs to hear it. He answers my prayers and I meet an average of 10 people a week. I speak to people in grocery stores, gas station, restaurants... I don't care where I am, if I can strike up a conversation with someone, it's ON and we WILL talk about the Love of Jesus!!

I meet SOOOO many people who do not know Christ. I also meet many people who have left their Faith & God due to Religion. Trust me, I understand those people. I recently met a lady at the dog park who said that she was raised in a VERY strict religious home and that growing up she HATED church and Religion. She also said the people who have hurt her the the worst in her life are "so called Christians." I told her that I totally understand. A lot of people will use Religion to mask themselves in order to do evil. God will judge those much more harshly. God says in the Bible that those who use His name in order to do evil will pay a steeper penalty.

I beg you that whatever has caused you to stop pursuing God that you give Him one more chance. When Jesus was on earth, he could not stand the Pharisees. He hated how they acted morally PERFECT, yet He knew they had terrible hearts. Jesus hung out with prostitutes, tax collectors, people with leprosy, the rejects of society. He was all about LOVE, PURE LOVE!! I beg you to please reconsider Jesus! He loves you so much!! If you are reading this, it's not by chance; the Lord is calling you back. Find a good Bible based church near you. It must be a BIBLE based church. Please be careful with churches that have other doctrines attached.

I had a dream the other night that the TRUMPETS were Sounding!!!! I heard my Mom scream in her native language of Portuguese, "e a Volta de Christo" translation - It's the return of Christ!!!!

My dear brothers & sisters, God is SOON returning. Covid is just the start, we are going to see much worse to come. Russia is rising to power, that's biblical. We can see that everything Jesus said to apostle John in revelation is happening.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give your life to Jesus!!! He wants you in Heaven! He does not care about your past!! He just cares about your future, and so do I. As I am writing this tears are streaming down my face. I love you all so much! I want us to make it home TOGETHER!!!

May the month of April be filled with peace, joy and love in your home!!


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