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Jim Davy

Dear Readers,

Many issues ago, I featured an AMAZING woman, Faith Zember. The voice and spokesperson for Lily Kelly Ministries. Faith lost her only child/daughter Lily, in a a tragic car accident. Instead of being an angry, bitter woman, Faith decided to honor her daughter's death by showing God that she trusts HIM. Faith knows that her daughter is in heaven waiting for her, and while she is here, she will honor her daughter by sharing the LOVE of our Heavenly Father with as many people as possible.

Faith Zember launched her own attach against the enemy's plan to destroy her life. She flipped the script on the devil and decided to attack him instead! She had her eyes set on a beautiful piece of land and building located in downtown Murrieta; "the heart of Murrieta." This cozy and adorable spot will be a place of LOVE, COMPASSION, WORSHIP, CARE, HONORING GOD and all HIS GLORY!! Faith wants this property to be a place where people can learn about the unconditional love of our LORD! The name of this BLESSED location is now called Chapel Coffee Campus!!!

The location where Chapel Coffee Campus now resides was neglected for several years. Faith knew that this was going to be a HUGE undertaking. Little did she know that a man named Jim Davy would be there to help. Jim has spent COUNTLESS hours helping LKM (Lily Kelly Ministries) care for the land and buildings. Jim is 100% volunteering his time, energy, and heart in helping this campus. He is a TRUE definition of a faithful servant. Faith said that Jim has been such a blessing to her and this campus, she cannot thank Jim enough for all he has done. Jim Davy is Our Valley Magazine's Hero of the Month!

We honor you Jim Davy for loving others and helping others!! You are a TRUE HERO, and we thank you for all that you have done for Chapel Coffee Campus.

If you would like to get involved with this amazing non-profit organization, please look in this magazine for their ad. Lily Kelly Ministries will be so thankful for your help or donations. I am honored beyond words to know Jim & Faith!! These are amazing, Godly people who are DOING GOD'S WORK!! I LOVE you both so much!!

Congratulations Jim, you have won a $100 gift card to Lazy Dog Restaurant.

Thank you for all you do!


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