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Jim Davy

Dear Readers,

I am honored to introduce you all to James "Jim" Dean Davy. When I first met Jim, he was working as a volunteer for Lilly Kelly Ministries. I immediately fell in love with Jim. This man has spent countless hours donating his time and energy for others. Jim was born and raised in Montana, where he and his 8 siblings (total 9 kids) worked on the family farm. Jim's older brother joined the military and informed Jim that in the military they got to sleep in until 6am. Jim had to wake up at 4am everyday to start work on the family farm, he thought this would be a great experience and he would get to sleep in a bit longer. Jim was only 17 years old when he joined the Navy in 1965.

As I was interviewing Jim, I was LITERALLY blow away by his Faith, Determination, Integrity, Honestly... I could have listened to him talk for hours. His story should be made into a movie. I was fascinated by Jim's life. I would like to share one of his stories that impacted me greatly. Jim served in the Vietnam war and was injured 3 times. His body still has horrific scars to prove it. Our government also awarded him the honorable Purple Heart Award!!! I was honored to be sitting in the presence of a TRUE American Hero!

While in combat, Jim recalls a near drowning experience. Their team had to jump into a large body of water in order to hide from the enemy. As Jim jumped into the water, the weight of his gear was very heavy. Jim's combat boot got stuck onto some wire and as he tried to jump up for another gasp of air, his boot would not allow him to. Jim knew he was going to die. In that moment Jim began to say, "Our Father which art in Heaven", he could feel death was seconds away. Jim felt at peace and knew God was with him. To this day, Jim has NO idea how he managed to survive. The next thing he remembers was being on dry ground and spitting up water. I believe that God had so much more work for Jim to do on earth. Jim has done so much missionary work all over the world. Helping orphanages and the poor learn about the Love of Jesus Christ!

Jim has a true servant's heart. Jim recognizes his mother Dorothy for his strong faith and morals. Jim's mother was a devout Christian woman who LOVED the LORD and others! Jim said she was "a very special woman". I noticed tears in his eyes while he spoke of his mother Dorothy. I told Jim, "I cannot wait to meet this woman in Heaven one day, she sounds AMAZING!" I wish I had more room to write about Dorothy, she was truly a remarkable human being.

Jim Davy served in the Navy for a total of 38 years. He and his wife Yvonne have been married for over 51 years. They were married December 7th, 1971.

Thank you Jim Davy, for your service to our country, and for your service to God's children. You are a TRUE HERO and we honor you this month and ALWAYS!!!

Congratulations Jim, you have won a $100 gift card to Lazy Dog Restaurant.

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