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Jonathon R. Mills | Grow Your Business With JRM

Dear Readers,

"Take the bull by the horns THIS year and hire Jonathon R. Mills. JRM, to grow your business." At JRM they do everything and anything from marketing, branding, website, website redesign, hosted websites, gorilla street marketing, healthy culture team training, mentoring, motivational speaking for your team, and much, much more! You name it, and they can do it! With JRM's strategic business marketing it will most definitely bring traffic to your office, store front, website, or whatever that may look like for your business. JRM's effort and willingness to work with anyone, at any stage, is so encouraging to those who may need fresh ideas within their businesses or those who simply desire a higher success rates. The heart and foundation of JRM is to accomplish what seems impossible and to really dig deep into people's goals and dreams no matter what that may look like to them. What started this company you may ask? Jonathon from a very young age has always had the mindset and skill level of an entrepreneur.

As young as the age of fourteen years old Jonathon was already coming up with different ways in which he could make more money, as well as advertise for himself. One of his first ways in exhibiting this was by coming up with the brilliant idea of connecting a homemade trailer, he fashioned together, to his bicycle and rise it throughout his neighborhood. He would go door to door asking people if they would like their pools cleaned. Not to mention, Jonathon himself had never owned a pool before and knew little about it. he quickly learned what it took to be a pool cleaner, and became successful at it (successful enough to purchase his own vehicle.) As Jonathon simply put it, "we all start somewhere." His childhood story was not only an inspiration to himself, but also should be an inspiration and encouragement to anyone who desires success with their business and may be feeling short of that. The same expertise that brought pool cleaning right to a doorstep, can also bring light and intelligence onto your pursuit. From there, Jonathon then continued on to start his own company around the age of nineteen called "Metal Works", which was a manufacturing representative company. During this season of his life is where he met a lot of his current clients who have continued with him because of his success in growing their companies. A perfect disclosure and example of this is stated by Jonathon.

"I grew a company from 14 million to 85 million in just 5 years." Due to his vast skill level and intelligence he now acquires clients such as Toyota, Apple, Honda, law firms, restaurants, dental offices, Maglite, local companies, and even companies ranging all the way from the Phillipines to the West Coast. JRM can do anything from doing copy, to CRM, to having a full design team, and even down to simple things such as needing a table skirt for an event or a designed banner. JRM is the one stop shop to grow your business! Jonathon discloses his strength through the success of improving a law firm. "We took a law firm here in town from 1.6 million to nearly 4 million in one year and two months." Through this time of getting to know Jonathon I learned not only about his deep knowledge and strong passion in the marketing and business world, but also for his heart and compassion for others, especially his family.

Jonathon's most loved is his two daughters, and his wife of 25 years. His selflessness in using his gifts and talents for others is depicted through a company he created which was focused around the idea of giving meaningful work to individuals with disabilities. This is inspired by his adopted daughter who is missing 70% of her brain, as well as an injustice within our society by having individuals with disabilities a real sense of "purpose", but not given a paycheck. Jonathon desired to give those with disabilities a real sense of purpose, while getting a real paycheck. This all started in a 900 square foot building, and eventually grew into 35,000 square feet in just less than two years, which provided meaningful work to 35+ employees. The state of California came in, saw this model, and eventually bought out the company and that model. Jonathon humbly brought back this achievement to, "anything is possible, because if God is for us who can be against us? No weapon form against us shall prosper. If you have a dream, if you have a vision, and God's in the middle of it, it will come to pass." JRM is all about the person as an individual reaching their goals and dreams, and will work with anyone to get there.

Another success story is when Jonathon created the first and first successful Christian Skateboard Company to reach youth. For 15+ years he and his team of professional athletes would tour the US and abroad to minister to youth while putting on skateboarding demonstrations. This company grew very rapidly and was eventually sold and a deal was done with Disney and the brand and company was put onto Disney's property. The heart of JRM was never to be this "high priced" advertising marketing agency, but rather the heart of the business was to help people get their dreams and chase their goals, which once again proves the intentions of Jonathon's business.

As Jonathon would say, "when one door shuts, another one opens. JRM can be your open door." Don't forget that you and your business are created with a purpose and at JRM I have full confidence they will help and get you to achieve that purpose through knowing, liking, and trusting this company.

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