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Brother's & Sisters: Keep Planting The Seed

Dear Brother's & Sisters,

Sheila York - Editor

I wanted to share a very powerful and exciting testimony with you all. I won't share the person's actual name or business to keep their privacy. I met a very sweet man in the community. He is very well off and owns a large corporation. To say this man is wealthy is an understatement. He owns 4 homes; one in Temecula, Mammoth, Colorado and Palm Springs. One day we were deep in conversation when he opened up to me that he was an Atheist. I was shocked! I asked him point blank, "Are you serious?" He explained to me that he believes in evolution. I could not believe my ears. I told him, "You are one of the smartest men I know, how on earth do you believe we evolved from a monkey, come on!!!" He laughed and replied, " And you believe some man in the sky made the earth, or a man parted an ocean?" I said, "Yes, it's called FAITH!!"

This story does not end with me accepting his lack of faith. You guys all know me, lol! I took him so much literature and I continue to pray for him during my morning worship and night worship. I won't give up on my friend! The other day I received a text very late at night (from our atheist friend). It read, "Hello Sheila, so sorry to bother you so late but my wife is in the hospital and she's not doing well, could you please pray for her?" I thought to myself, AMEN! He is believing in my God! AMEN!!!

I was so excited, and I replied, "Brother, I will get on my knees right this minute and please know that even though you may not believe in God, He still believes in you." What does this testimony mean? It means that even though we might think that people are not listening, I promise you the are. When people are in their darkest moments, they must call upon the Lord! Deep down they know that only our Father above has the power to fix any situation. Keep preaching to others, keep ministering to people in the grocery store, at work, gym, gas station, parties, school; anywhere you are, remember to keep to keep spreading the love of God! I meet so many people who do not believe in Jesus, and it kills me to know that they are so lost. Remember that we are his voice. He wants us to help bring his children home. I love to imagine the rejoicing that occurs in heaven when someone gives their life to Christ. I can picture Jesus laughing and saying, "YESSSSSSS my baby is coming home one day." Jesus gave his life for all of us, let's fight to make Jesus happy and bring his children home. Also, my friend's wife is doing great! Praise God she was just having an anxiety attack that mimicked a heart attack. She is home now and doing just fine. God is good!!!

PS - PLEASE watch your child extra vigilantly this summer around large bodies of water. So many babies drown during summer months.

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Signature - Jesus and children


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