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Listen For God's Voice

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I hope your month is off to a great start! I would like to share something that happened to me the other day. This story may seem completely false to many non-believers, but I can assure you that it's as real as the sky is blue.

I was walking in downtown Temecula; I had a meeting with a restaurant on the strip. I decided to park farther away in order to get a nice walk. As I was walking, I was talking to God in my brain, as I typically do. I was feeling so happy and filled with the Holy Spirit, when suddenly I heard my very own voice say, "Anthony, say hello to Anthony." As I walk past people I generally like to give eye contact and share a big smile, just to let them know I LOVE them.

As I heard my voice in my head, I happened to look up as I passed a man. We exchanged a glance and respectful smile to one another, then I turned and said, "Excuse me, is your name Anthony?" The man stopped and replied yes, with a shocked look on his face. I told him that God wanted him to know that HE loves him very much.

Anthony, who is about 6'4" broke into tears, as he began to cry I embraced him and cried with him. I cried for 2 reasons, one, that God of the universe just USED ME, and two, that Anthony was sad. I could feel his sorrow. He told me that he suffers from depression and that he didn't know God even existed or loved him... I ended up missing my meeting, however I knew that I was at the right meeting that GOD wanted me to be at. We spoke for quite a while. I told him what I would like you all to know.


God and HIS son JESUS are REAL!!! REAL, REAL, REAL!!! If you are struggling with ANY issues in your life, I beg you to give JESUS a try. Read the book of John, it's a beautiful and easy read and you will get to know JESUS on a much deeper level. You will fall in LOVE with JESUS and be blessed by his words. Remember that GOD is coming VERY, VERY soon to take us home. We are in the book of Revelation!! Brothers and sisters PLEASE open your eyes and heart!!

Russia and China are rising to power, we are collapsing, just like the Bible predicted. Covid was just the start, many more pestilences will come. PLEASE accept the FREE gift that JESUS did for you on the cross. Did you know that your DNA is 10 BILLION miles long? God designed every single code when HE made YOU!! Your DNA is linked to GOD, not even the ANGELS have HIS DNA like us. That's why the devil hates us so much, he is jealous that we are GOD's. Jesus came and died for me and YOU!!! Please accept HIM today!

Love you all!!

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