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Pray With Faith & Believe

Dear Brother's & Sisters,

I wanted to share something that really saddened my heart. I was talking to a dear friend of mine just a few days ago, and she was sharing with me that her sister is currently dying of cancer. When I answered my phone I immediately heard my friends voice on the other line as she sobbed, "Hi Sheila, it's Gina, do you have a minute?" She had just left the hospital after visiting with her sister and she was on her way home. She was so broken-hearted knowing that her sister did not have much longer. I would like to share with you all what I said to my friend Gina. I said to her, "Gina, who is your creator? You know you are the child of God and so is you sister. I don't care what the doctor's are telling you, they are NOT the final decision maker. ONLY GOD can determine when your sister will take her last breath."

"Next time you go see your sister, you take other believers with you and lay hands over her, proclaim in a loud voice that she is going to beat this cancer. Tell the cancer and the enemy to leave her body now, in the mighty name of Jesus!! Pray with STRONG & COURAGEOUS FAITH!!" My fellow brothers and sisters, I don't care how DIRE the situation looks in your life, you hold your head up and PROCLAIM with strong FAITH what you need the LORD to help you with. He wants to answer our prayers, He wants to bless us. When we pray with Faith, STRONG FAITH, that's when the Lord is able to work. I have another dear friend who had a mass the size of a grapefruit, the doctors said that it was cancerous and they needed to have surgery immediately to remove it. Our entire church began praying for her, day and night! Two weeks later she went to the Doctor for another ultrasound and guess what? The ENTIRE tumor was GONE! The doctor's said, "We have no explanation for this."

However, my friend did, and so did our church! God is the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow. I want you guys to do me a huge favor. I want you to test God. this week I want you to lift up in prayer whatever you need God to help you with. Get on your knees and PRAY!! Do it every day, right when you wake up and before bed. Also, don't forget to thank God for you blessings, we all have too many to count. Start by thanking Him, then begin to ask for your specific request. God is the definition of LOVE & GOODNESS! He is waiting to send you blessings! Ask with faith and you shall receive.

Love you all so much! Thank you again for picking up this magazine, I pray it blesses you all.

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