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Promenade Optometry & Lasik | Dr. Patrick & Bonnie Utnehmer

Dear Readers,

This month we are featuring a very special business. I believe most of you already know

and love Dr. Patrick Utnehmer from Promenade Optometry and Lasik. Dr. Utnehmer has been an Optometrist for over 38 years and a has lived in Temecula for 32 years. I will never forget the day that we met Dr. Utnehmer. My husband’s eyesight has been greatly deteriorating due to old age. My husband asked for me to find a good Optometrist in our city, so I began my search. As a marketing person I walk into a lot of businesses in hopes they might want to advertise in Our Valley Magazine. I had remembered from many months back, walking into Promenade Optometry and Lasik. I remember the staff treated me like an old friend. They were so kind and caring!! I decided to call and schedule my husband’s appointment with them. My husband is a very quiet and calm man, never praises anyone or even speaks of anyone for that matter. He came home and told me “that guy is the most down to earth doctor I think I have ever met.” I was so happy to hear that.

As a marketing/sales person I know the TRUE and AUTHENTIC businesses in our

community. As a child of God, we are all granted with the gift of discernment. I knew that I HAD to have Dr. Utnehmer and his amazing company in this publication. I will only work with the BEST, and I cannot promote anyone I do not believe in myself. Make an amazing and long story short, I finally got them in the magazine. Now here is where it gets even more interesting. I knew Dr. U and his gorgeous wife were amazing people, but little did I know just how amazing they really are. Dr. U and his wife Bonnie have literally risked their lives on several missions to Haiti. They travel deep into the jungles of Haiti, landing on a dirt makeshift airstrip with the skilled pilots of MAF Medical Aviation. Once they land, now they must travel by truck and hike deep into the villager’s community. They are literally on their own, no protection!! However, I asked Bonnie, “were you ever sacred?” She replied “a little” one night when they heard gunshots right outside their hut. However, she and Dr. U knew that God’s mighty protection was with them. Dr. U and his wife Bonnie have a HUGE heart for the Haitian people. They feel that God is calling them there for HIS special purpose.

Helping them with free eyecare/surgeries is what God has called them to do. Along with their medical aid, they also speak to them about the LOVE of Jesus Christ. I could literally write a 5 page article on their amazing stories and miracles they both witnessed. One story that I found truly amazing was about a special night of worship. A young teenage daughter traveled with her father for this mission trip. Dr. U noticed her crying during their worship. The next day he asked her father, is she ok? I noticed her crying and I was worried. The man replied, she was crying because she saw a huge light illuminating from behind our heads. She knew it was the fire of God. She was so overcome with emotion that she just broke down crying. There is story after story of how they barely escaped the snare of the devil, but God was with them each time. Running onto a plane with 2 min to spare as war is breaking out, traveling on a bus with a drug dealer, hearing gunshots right outside your hut not knowing if they are coming for you next, dealing with demonic forces of the Haitian peoples culture.

Yet they are still going back again!! I have had the GREAT privilege of writing many articles for business owners, however this article was very difficult for me. I had to stop several times to wipe tears from my eyes. I felt the Holy Spirit when I was sharing this testimony. I absolutely ADORE DR. U and Bonnie, they literally have risked their lives for others. Bonnie could have been raped, kidnapped on several occasions, but she stayed committed to God’s plan. Dr. U also could have died in plane crashes (he too is a pilot) and landing on a dirt road is very high risk. One of my husband’s closest friend’s said he

would NEVER attempt to land on a dirt air strip. He said the risks are too great! He has been an experienced pilot for over 35 years and he stated “it’s a HUGE risk.” When I was interviewing them for this article, I felt the Holy Spirit around them. I knew I was in the presence of God’s sheep. I personally call myself a Christian, but I honestly could not do that kind of work. They have a STRENGTH about them that has inspired me to do more!

I found it fascinating that they were laughing at all their near-death experiences. It was literally mind- blowing how much faith, love and compassion they have for others.

Thank you Dr. and Mrs. Utnehmer for your LOVE and compassion for others. May God continue to Bless Promenade Optometry and Lasik. Please do business with this AMAZING and Blessed Optometrist Office. I will soon be sharing their entire testimony on our Youtube/Podcast "Testimonies of Hope".

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