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Dave & Jen

Dear Readers,

This month I am featuring the most incredible nonprofit organization called, Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary. I am so grateful for what this organization is doing to help God's creatures. I am 100% confident that one day when Dave and Jen enter the gates of Heaven, all the animals they saved will be there to greet them.

When Jen Sale landed in Temecula, California in 2012, her ambitions were humble: start a small horse rescue with her husband Dave and enjoy semi-retired life. Three years into that mission, she received a phone call that changed everything. She learned the harsh reality of a "dead pile" - where newborn animals are discarded as a byproduct of the food industry and that 12 baby goats were clinging to life and in need of a miracle. Only five survived, two of which landed with Jen at Sale Ranch. Her mission was born and a burning passion ignited.

Fast forward to today, and Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary (SRAS) is a thriving non-profit, off-grid sanctuary that offers rescue and refuge to nearly 100 animals discarded by the food industry, specifically dairy and hospice to senior horses and those with medical needs. Once healed and healthy, SRAS shares its residents' stories with children and others, who have experienced trauma.

It was essential to Jen that they reduced their impact on the earth when she founded Sale Ranch. Thus, the off-grid property works on regenerative and self-sustaining farm practices, leading the way in farmed animal rescue. Another revolutionary aspect of Sale Ranch is its garden. Not only does the organic garden supply fresh, healthy produce to the animal residents, but the ranch shares its bounty by donating to local food pantries to help feed food insecure people in the community.

With so much going on - events, tours, education, creating awareness, and daily chores - Jen remains committed to her calling. "We believe animals are living, breathing, beautiful beings who are someone, not 'something,'" she reiterates. "Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and educate on their behalf while promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle and reducing our impact on the earth."

Every day, as Jen goes out for morning feeds, she sees Kid Rock, one of those original baby goats from the dead pile. She hopes that what started as a little dream can have a big impact - to create a more compassionate and kinder world for ALL species.

Thank you Dave and Jen for you LOVE and kind hearts! May our AWESOME GOD continue to bless your ministry! If you would like to help this non-profit organization, please visit their website:

or call them at (949) 235-8895

Congratulations Dave and Jen! You just won a $100 gift card to Lazy Dog Restaurant.

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