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Sin City

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I wanted to share a personal testimony with you all. I had to go to Las Vegas for an Arbonne conference. As we were driving into Las Vegas, I suddenly felt a HUGE feeling of anxiety come over me. I turned to my husband and said, "I am feeling such TERRIBLE anxiety, maybe we should stop and eat." I thought maybe I was feeling anxiety because I had not eaten for a while and my blood sugar was low or something. After we pulled over and ate, I still was feeling anxious. I prayed and asked the Lord to calm my soul and help me relax. As we went to bed that first night, I was still feeling a little anxious. I finally fell asleep around 11 PM and woke up feeling much better. Oh, I forgot to include the day we drove into Vegas was a Thursday evening. I went about my life, and the conference was AMAZING! Slowly, I forgot that terrible feeling. Fast word a few days. As my husband is dropping me off at the MGM Grand for my 3rd day of the conference, I happened to look up at one of the billboards, and it HIT ME like a TON of BRICKS.

As I looked up to a Chris Angel billboard, I saw his image along with an upside down cross. As most of you know, the upside down cross is a symbol of Satan, the antichrist. I suddenly realized why I was feeling so anxious as we were driving into Las Vegas. The Holy Spirit was telling me that my husband and I did not belong there. When we stop and truly listen to God, He will guide us. As I was walking to my conference, I began to look over at people gambling and throwing away their hard-earned money that could be going to help the less fortunate. I looked at their glazed over eyes, throwing their hard-earned money into a slot machine. They looked almost brain washed, and the FREE cocktails were perfect for keeping them blinded. I was appalled and disgusted.

My brothers and sisters, Las Vegas is a fun place, I used to LOVE it!! Now when I go there, I feel completely different. It's called "Sin City" for a reason. I don't ever want to be one of those people who is afraid of anything. I am sure I will go to Las Vegas again. I love their pools and their food. However, I felt something deep in my soul. As we drove past all the homeless, drug addicts, prostitutes, I just lifted my hands and prayed over them. My husband loves to play poker and he always wins. He. is a REALLY good poker player. He told me that he has a rule. He starts with $40, once he drops below that amount, he walks away. I have always admired my husband's self-control. He doesn't drink alcohol either, so when he plays, he has a sober mind. He said something to me on our way home. He said, "That's how the casinos get you to lose your money, they get you to drink and not have a sober mind." I thought to myself, how incredibly dirty.

Brothers and sisters, please be careful where you spend your time, and who you spend it with. Find friends who bring you closer to Christ. Go to places that the Lord wants you to go. Stay away from sinful places. Don't throw your money away on gambling or alcohol. That's the way of the enemy.

Love you all so much!

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