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Spread His Love Everywhere You Go!

Dear Brothers & Sisters

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and your New Year’s is off to a GREAT start!! I wanted to share another story with you all. I was recently up in Lake Arrowhead with my family and decided that I needed to get some fudge at their famous fudge shop. As I walked into the shop I was horrified by the long line, but I figured it was worth the wait. Directly in front of me I noticed a very, very large and obese man standing with his head down and looking very shy and uncomfortable. By my discernment I immediately could tell he was very uncomfortable and didn’t know where to look. I felt so sorry for him, I knew that he felt as if everyone was staring at him. You guys all know me, LOL!! I thought to myself, well let’s break the ice and make him feel comfortable. Since he was wearing a Raiders sweatshirt, I decided to tease him a bit. I said to him “ewwww you’re a Raiders fan, YUCK”.

He turned around and with a HUGE smile on his face and said, “What team do you like?” I told him how we love the Chargers. If you are not familiar with football, certain teams are hard core rivals, and the Raiders and Chargers are that for sure. We both started laughing and joking with one another and soon the entire packed fudge shop was rolling with this hilarious man’s sense of humor. This man had the BEST and most hilarious sense of humor I think I have ever experienced. The time passed so quickly and soon we were saying our goodbyes. I told him as he walked away, "Hey, God bless you Brother” and he replied, “You too Sister." Sometimes we forget that as Christians we are here to bring others happiness and joy. We are the salt of the earth; we are the light in this dark world.

If you see someone who looks sad, down, uncomfortable, lonely; please reach out to them. If you are on the shy side, then just give them a HUGE loving smile. God gave me the gift of being an extrovert, so I use it with all my heart! I am not shy at all and will talk to ANYONE! I love making people smile and making people laugh. That day in the fudge shop I saw a quiet and shy man make an entire Fudge shop laugh hysterically. I watched a group of complete strangers enjoy one another’s company. I watched the Love of God fill that place. It was beautiful to witness. Please remember to share your gift with others. Use your talents that God blessed you with and bring joy to others. When the Pharisees questioned Jesus on which was the most important commandment to keep, he said to Love God with all your heart, and he added “Love your fellow man”. We are here to LOVE one another and to help others. This world is so lost, and we need to bring as many people to Christ before His very soon return. Love you all so much!! Happy New Year’s! This 2023 let’s spread HIS awesome love everywhere we go!!

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