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Tell Everyone That Jesus is Coming!

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I wanted to share another powerful testimony with you all. I was recently at the dog park, when I was approached by a young lady. Her dog and my dog absolutely loved each other. Watching them play together was the most precious thing in the world. As we were chatting, I noticed a demonic tattoo symbol of a pentagram on her chest. You guys all know me, I knew God placed her in my life for a special reason. I knew God ordained this meeting. As we were laughing at our crazy dogs, we began to speak of her tattoos. I asked her what some of them represented. I did this with all the respect and decency. I told her that some of her tattoos were really cool looking. I think she was surprised that I complimented her on her tattoos. We got onto my favorite topic in the whole world, JESUS!

We ended up sitting down on the bench, our conversation lasted over 3 hours. She informed me that she is part of the Wicca Religion. If you are not familiar with this religion let me share with you what it is. The Wiccans are real-life witches. They have a Pagan belief system centered on worshipping nature. They feel a connection with earth, as they call it "mother earth". They feel they are a form of a Goddess. They believe whatever energy you put into the world is that you get back. Most Wiccans are peaceful, but a few operate in dark spiritual forces. This young lady explained to me that she was considered a "white witch". She operates for good only. I was completely invested in this conversation; it was beyond fascinating to hear about her beliefs. I mostly listened until it was my turn. You guys know me!!! When she finally stopped talking, I gently grabbed both her hands and held them in mine. I looked deep into her eyes and I said, "my love, you are a child of God. I respect your views, but you are worshipping objects. Who made the trees you worship? Who made the full moon you bow down to? Who made the huge/vast ocean? Who designed every single cell in your body?" I asked her point blank, "are you totally happy?" She began to sob, huge tears fell from her cheeks. She said she suffers from extreme depression. I hugged her right then and there and I told her to "please give God a try." I told her how the Bible is literally 100% accurate, how we are living in the final days. I praised her for her willingness to listen to me, and I told her that God is calling her back to HIM. Brothers and Sisters, we are here to help God increase His kingdom. Do not miss an opportunity to share God's love with others. Start to look for people who you think need HIM.

I ask God everyday, bring me souls that need to hear of your LOVE. Ask God to show you and He will. It might be someone at work, your neighborhood, your child's football coach, someone at the gas station. Keep looking and praying for God to send you people who need HIM. Please keep my friend Vanessa in your prayers!! Also, please pray for my friend Tyler who is having extreme nightmares. Love you all so much!! Have a fabulous November! Happy Fall!!

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