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Temecula Grind Coffee House

Small Business Feature Story

Dear Readers,

This month we are featuring Temecula Grind Coffee House! My favorite coffee shop on the planet! I remember the day I walked into this coffee shop to ask permission if I could leave my Christian magazines here. I was so nervous because so many other businesses said "no". You would be surprised how many business owners have an issue with faith-based magazines. I remember this sweet man named Patrick Thyfault walked right over to me and said, "please look around my coffee shop, do you see all the crosses? Yes, we would love to have your magazines here." As a matter of fact he took the stack and placed them right where the exit is (busiest traffic spot). I decided to order a drink out of gratitude for his kindness. I instantly was hooked! Their caffeine is quality! Their prices are so low, customer service is genuine and the overall atmosphere is like the show "Cheers", everyone is your friend! I slowly began a friendship with the owner, I found myself going to the coffee shop everyday. As a matter of fact, I now refuse to drink any other coffee. I became addicted to their coffee drinks and atmosphere! Little by little I learned so much more about this little coffee shop and the owner. Patrick is a true man of God. The testimonies are insane! The stories after stories of how God has used this coffee shop for His glory is truly incredible.

This month's Faith story, "Casey's Journey From Darkness to Light", was also contributed by the owner, Patrick. Patrick helped Casey in so many ways. He mentored him, loved him, gave him a job at the coffee shop, and most of all believed in him. Casey and Patrick are like father and son. Casey loves Patrick for his belief in him. The crosses you see in Temecula Grind Coffee House are crosses made by Casey. One day Casey made a cross for Patrick to say Thank You for believing in him and for bringing him closer to God. From there, Crosses by Casey was born and the rest is history.

Please stop by Temecula Grind Coffee House. Come for the coffee, leave with friends!

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