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The Day I Jumped From The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is the premier suicide venue in the United States. The lure of the bridge as a place to end one's life is such that individuals fly long distances to San Francisco, go directly to the bridge, and jump to their deaths.

I read a story about a man named John Hines that has stuck with me to this day. The month was October, the year 2000. John was suffering from severe depression and bipolar. He decided that cold October day to end his life. He said that deep down he still wanted to live, but just felt terrible sorrow. On his was to the bridge, John stated that if just one person smiled at him or spoke to him that he would not jump. Unfortunately, not one person smiled at John. John estimated that he must have passed an minimum of 70 people, yet not one person looked at him with kindness.

Out of the 1,300 people who have jumped off the bridge, John Hines is one of the 26 who survived the fall.

I am begging everyone who reads this article to PLEASE stop and look around. Look for people who are hurting, look for someone who needs a smile, look for someone who needs a hug! Just look!! People need us in this dark world, now more than ever!!

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