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The Wiccan Lady From The Dog Park

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I have the most AMAZING news to share with you all. About a year ago I met a woman at the dog park, her dog and my dog became instant pals. For some reason, which I know to be the Holy Spirit now, her dog and my dog became inseparable. While watching our dogs acting like two crazy lovebirds, she and I made eye contact and began laughing at their crazy antics. It was the cutest thing to witness. I actually videotaped them and shared them on my Instagram, people LOVED it!!! I could clearly tell she was a very shy person. I tried chatting with her, but she shut me down several times. I finally left her alone and kept smiling from a distance. About a week later, we ran into each other again, and our dogs picked up right where they left off. Little by little, I noticed her start to warm up to me. She began to sit on my side of the dog park and made a little bit of a conversation with me. I gently coerced her into a longer conversation of "weather talk". Slowly she began to see that I was just an innocent old lady who was silly and love to chat.

Week after week, we began to meet at the dog park, we laughed so much watching her dogs, we talked about her work, life, her failed relationships. Many months later, she opened to me that she was a Wiccan, a real life witch!! I had a little feeling she was part of the occult because of her tattoos on her body, but I never asked. I just wanted to love her unconditionally and be a friend. One day, I asked her point-blank, "Do you know anything about Jesus?" She said, "No, not really." I explained to her that clearly her Wiccan religion is failing her, why not try my God and see what happens? I slowly began sharing with her the LOVE of JESUS. The Wiccan religion loves to worship Mother Earth. They give honor to trees, rocks, the ocean. I told my new friend, "Please think about this, who made that rock, that ocean, those beautiful trees you worship?"

I said you are worshiping the beauty of the earth, that God created. The enemy is so sneaky and he is a liar. If he can pull you away from worshiping God, he has you right where he wants you. Are you guys ready for the PRAISE REPORT? She just asked me if she could come to church with me? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another win for JESUS!! Brothers and sisters, please share the LOVE of JESUS everywhere you go. I promise you that people are listening. Imagine the rejoicing that goes on in heaven when someone gives their life to God! he LOVES us so much and HE sent HIS only son to die for us! JESUS died a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE death for YOU & ME! My heart is overjoyed knowing that JESUS got one more who is coming home.

We are HIS voice on earth, HE needs us to share!!

Love you all so much! Have a BEAUTIFUL month of JUNE! Stay safe and watch younger children around large bodies of water. Be extra vigilant this summer! Every year my sister who works at a hospital tells me of babies who have passed away because of drowning. Please be extra cautious!!

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